Harvey Hernandez, founder of Newgard Development Group, currently serves as the firm’s Chairman & CEO.

Fueled by his innate creativity and armed with a diehard entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Hernandez first began his involvement in real estate development during the 1990’s as a hands-on investor in the rapidly expanding Miami market. Hernandez had first come to the real estate field following a successful foray as a self-made business owner who built a computer company from the ground up in the early 1990s. The company later sold for approximately $40 million, which became the initial capital that would eventually become the $260 million dollar multifamily development firm, H&H Development Company. H&H Development specialized in luxury high-rise residential condominiums.

After launching in 2001, only a short two-year time period passed before H&H Development. amassed an impressive portfolio of 2.4 million square feet of active developments. The success of H&H Development Co. was a pivotal catalyst to Mr. Hernandez’s career, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors and giving him the necessary momentum to launch Newgard Development Group. Today, Mr. Hernandez lends his direct personal involvement and commitment towards leading the dynamic development firm, known for creating and marketing unique condominium and mixed use projects defined by both high quality finishes and quick turn-around times.

Mr. Hernandez has spent more than two decades in the South Florida market – observing the city’s tremendous capacity for change and progress. “When I first came to Miami, I was a student,” he says. “What always struck me about this town is that anything truly is possible. The only limits here are those you impose on yourself.” After such considerable successes in the business and real estate fields, it’s clear Hernandez is still actively living and working that vision. Always holding firm to excellence and being at the forefront of the industry, Mr. Hernandez continues to revitalize the high-end residential market in South Florida by developing innovative projects that deliver the best in location, cutting-edge amenities, luxury finishes, and forward-thinking design.