Every success story begins with a spark of creativity. Innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, confidence, and leadership should be regarded as the core values of any venture.

Agility and versatility at this level are rare in a real estate developer – but Newgard prides itself on being different; on being exceptional. Our wide variety of capabilities are a testament to this principle.

Award Winning Development

Newgard is well versed in identifying profitable and opportunistic areas for development, using market and trend knowledge to ensure maximum potential. Backed by decades of executive-level expertise, Newgard’s team continues to lead the way in new, adaptive re-use, historic restoration, residential, mixed-use, and commercial development.

Innovative Construction

It’s no secret that a construction team can make or break the success of any real-estate project. For that reason, Newgard administrates the entire construction process from design development, to project launch. They are able to dominate this process by working hand-in-hand with reputable industry experts, as well as, key members of the Newgard team that are charged with overseeing materials procurement, construction budgets, change orders, personnel expenses, subcontractor costs, inspections, and approvals. Together with recognized experts in the field and builders with solid reputations, Newgard works to execute timely, responsible, and innovative construction, time and time again.

Competitive Sales Marketing

Years of expertise work to Newgard’s advantage when analyzing market conditions, determining competitive price points, and creating sellable brands, delivering market strategies that thrive and are unique to each project.
Newgard in-house marketing team boasts 18+ combined years of experience in design, budgeting, events & promotions, social & interactive media, and public relations.

Lucrative Investment

Real Estate has proven to be South Florida’s strongest performing investment throughout the recent years, giving Newgard the perfect scenario to test market conditions and convey verifiable projections and returns. Adhering to strict policies, they have been able to create a unique approach that has enabled robust profits.